Detailed Prediction With Pariharams

19/09/2014 4

Namaste! Detailed Prediction with Pariharams package from Jyothish Mahaguru Aditya Guruji will give you complete insights into what your life is likely to pan out to. This detailed report is based on Dasa (திசை)and Bhukthi […]

Paid Services

16/09/2014 4

Namaste! I am glad you chose to connect with me.  It is my firm belief that you are here for a reason. And you have chosen to connect with me for a reason – This […]

Year Long Consultation

13/09/2014 4

  Register for Year Long Consultation will ensure that we stay constantly in touch through e-mail and phone. The Package includes: 12 phone consultations in a year 6 reports covering your (plus any 2 members of […]

Marriage Matching

13/09/2014 3

Namaste! I am so glad that you’ve chosen to come to my site, to check compatibility for a wedding in the family. [su_label type=”success”]Before we go ahead, here are a few requests:[/su_label] Pls do not come to […]

Tip Of The Day

13/09/2014 1

13th Sep, 2014 Keep your residence free from: A) Broken mirror B) Broken Idols or Images of Deities C) Plants with thorns D) Plants which secrete milk E) Cobwebs A residence free of all this […]

Online Appointments With Aditya Guruji

05/09/2014 12

People have asked me if I am being too far-fetched, in offering online appointments. I don’t think so. Their questions crop out of ignorance, and certainly it’s a wise doubt that requires some demystifying. So, […]

Astrology Is Analyzing The Light

02/09/2014 0

  “In India, astrologers are expected to be all cracked up, wise and beyond the realm of touch and feel. I don’t fit into that stereotype. I believe I am no different from you, except […]