Marriage Matching

13/09/2014 3

Namaste! I am so glad that you’ve chosen to come to my site, to check compatibility for a wedding in the family. [su_label type=”success”]Before we go ahead, here are a few requests:[/su_label] Pls do not come to […]

Tip Of The Day

13/09/2014 1

13th Sep, 2014 Keep your residence free from: A) Broken mirror B) Broken Idols or Images of Deities C) Plants with thorns D) Plants which secrete milk E) Cobwebs A residence free of all this […]

Astrology Is Analyzing The Light

02/09/2014 0

  “In India, astrologers are expected to be all cracked up, wise and beyond the realm of touch and feel. I don’t fit into that stereotype. I believe I am no different from you, except […]