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Already in the Chapter on Mangal, while explaining how Mangal attains subathuva (beneficence), I had touched briefly upon Sani. Here we can further elaborate on the status of Sani.

The subathuva (beneficence) of a planet indicates its ability to do good to mankind. The planets with suba(beneficial) light are only capable and qualified to give the required benefits to mankind.

Our sages have differentiated those planets that are devoid of suba(beneficial) light as malefics and these planets are destined to give only evil functionalities that are harmful to mankind.

Only when the malefic planets are devoid of their natural luminescence and derive the illumination from a suba(benefic)planet  do they give good results to mankind by way of attaining subathuva (beneficence). In other words malefic planets when aspected by suba(beneficial)planets attain subathuva (beneficence) and do good to mankind beyond their temperament.

A subtle sookshma(intricate) conjuncture here in subathuva(beneficience) is that the malefic planet would give maximum benefits, when it derives the illumination from the benefic planet that is in its close proximity.

Mangal would do a lot of good when he is in close proximity to a luminous Chandra. The aspect and proximity of Chandra would be more favourable in attributing subathuva(beneficience) to Mangal than the aspect of a far away placed Guru.

At the same time this subathuva (beneficence) is dependent on the strength of Chandra. That means when Chandra is in a waxing phase and with lot of radiance,  getting closer to Purnima(full moon) and aspects or associates with would result in greater subathuva(beneficence) to Mangal, that is also placed at angular positions to Surya. Chandra in Purnima(Full moon) is capable of glorifying Mangal to the maximum thereby turning him to become a complete benefic.

When Mangal attains subathuva (beneficence) he would alter the character of the native from being a rowdy, carrying weapons, impertinent, short-tempered or hasty,  to taking up a career in Police force, Army, Sports, Medical, Construction and Administrative professions. He would give profits in Real Estate.

Those employed in Police Department and uniformed services are all blessed with a suba (beneficial) Mangal. Depending on the gradation of the subathuva (beneficence) of Mangal  does he attain different levels in his profession.

There are levels of  power in the Police Department starting from a Constable to a Director General of Police(DGP). It can be seen that while certain people joining as a Constable get promoted to the level of Sub-Inspector before retiring from service, while certain others begin as Sub-Inspectors and retire getting elevated to Senior ranks at the State level.

Very few join right in the beginning as Senior officials at the State level or as IPS Officers and reach up to the level of DGP before retirement.

As Mangal should be in subathuva(beneficial) status for a career in Police Department, the various gradations in the profession are directly related to the levels of subathuva(beneficence) of Mangal.

Based on evidences, I have clearly inferred on why one retires as a Constable while another on the contrary shines in the same field at the highest echelon as its DGP, to be solely the subathuva (beneficience) strength of Mangal and the differences in the luminosities of Chandra and Guru that sanctify the Mangal.

I can explain this phenomenon astrologically and also elaborate on it scientifically.

Mangal,  when associated with Chandra and Guru, would attain subathuva(beneficence) and would bestow its favourable significations or would bestow the good functionalities that are useful to mankind. A native born with Chandra closer to Purnima(Full moon) or on a Purnima, aspecting the Mangal that also gets associated with another benefic, Guru, would see immense growth.

If Chandra in the preliminary waxing phase or with a diminished radiance due to association with some other planets and similarly Guru  is also with a defective radiance, get associated with Mangal then the native born with this configuration will join services as Constable and retire at best as a Sub-Inspector.

This is the sookshma (intricacy) of subathuva(beneficence).

I can prove this philosophy with evidences gathered from my detailed analysis of innumerable horoscopes of senior officials in the Police Department.

A subathuva (beneficial) Sani qualifies to give good results to mankind, only when he happens to be benefitted from the grace or illumination of the proximal Guru rather than aspect from either Chandra or his close friend, Sukra.

After Guru, the aspect and association of Sukra, followed by that of a solitary Budha and then the aspect of waxing Chandra diminishes his maleficence, thereby converting him to deliver good results.

An important sookshma (intricacy) further is that, Sani would bestow entirely favourable results when the planet beneficiating Sani is with complete radiance and is very powerful. In other words, the beneficence attained by Sani, would be proportional to the strength of the beneficiating planet.

That means the benefic planet getting associated with Sani should be with complete strength. For example, when a powerful Guru placed  either in Dhanu or Meena  showers its 9th aspect onto Sani placed beneficially either in Vrischik or Simha, then Sani would attain beneficence empowering him to give favourable results.

But if the aspecting Guru is not single but is in association with inimical planets or is combust in association with Surya or weakened by association with Rahu or any such configurations that weaken him, his aspect would not beneficiate Sani. No favours could be expected from such a Sani.  Sani would only give harmful results.

Under circumstances as mentioned above, if in a situation if it appears superficially that Guru is sighting through a 9th aspect, but he is actually devoid of any grace and in a weakened state, then our predictions would falter.

Hence, before concluding on whether a malefic planet has attained beneficence, it is better to estimate the strength of the planet that is involved in the glorification.

My repeated explanations on  the gradations of subathuva (beneficience) needs to be imbibed correctly towards understanding the contradicting behaviour of planets and thereby  understanding the inequality that exists amongst the human beings on the basis of astrology.

It is a sense of great satisfaction and happiness, when a father brings his twelfth standard ward to enquire about his prospects and route he should take, to predict that he would become an IAS Officer on a particular month and a particular year and subsequently the father and son coming together to convey that “Sir, I am taking charge as the Sub-collector on that date as per your prediction..” to seek your blessings.

The totality and accuracy in predictions can be realized only through the planetary subathuva (beneficence) and sookshma (intricate)strength.

There are a number of requests directly and through posts  asking for explanations on the concept of sookshma (intricate)strength mentioned by me. I have already written independent articles on “Papa grahangalin sookshma valu theory(The doctrine of intricate strength of malefic planets)” in Maalaimalar as well as in Bala Jothidam. This article is also available at my website

As indicated earlier,if Sani, that has been glorified with the aspect of Guru, Sukra, Solitary Budha or waxing Chandra, also owns favourable houses to the native, then he would do good through his evil significations or functionalities.

Here, my reference to evil significations of Sani include sales of liquor or wine, sales of meat by killing the livestock, leather products, prohibited liquids, petrol, black coloured objects, cheating others, garbage and waste materials that are not required and are considered harmful to human beings.

Why has been Surya termed as a half-malefic?

I had indicated earlier that astrology is based on geo-centric concept which has been accepted by modern science.

Accordingly in astrology some configurations could be understood better if the term Surya is replaced with Bhoomi (Earth). Certain unrealizable concepts would get better clarity.

To put it more clearly, while the luminosity of Surya never increases or decreases, we experience extreme heat in the month of Chitra(Chaitra) aligning with the rule of Surya being in exaltation. It is only we who are feeling the extreme radiation in the month of Chitra(Chaitra). But Surya as such is stable. His radiance is constant all through the months.

It is because of the change in position of earth with respect to receipt of radiance from Surya, do we feel  the extreme warmth in summer. At the same time when it is told that Surya is in debilitation in the moth of Aippasi(Aaswina), Surya does not hide anywhere. He stays wherever he is. The status of earth has only changed to be covered by clouds, cutting off the illumination from Surya.

If we could compare this with the half-malefic designation of Surya, it can be realized that as there are two states of receipt of illumination from the Surya by the earth, when it receives the luminosity during the day and is devoid of the same in the night, though the Surya is constant but the way we feel gets altered while considering the same from earth, applies to the description of  Surya as a half-malefic. This is the sookshma (intricacy) with respect to the benefic-malefic status of Surya.

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