Detailed Prediction With Pariharams


Detailed Prediction with Pariharams package from Jyothish Mahaguru Aditya Guruji will give you complete insights into what your life is likely to pan out to.

This detailed report is based on Dasa (திசை)and Bhukthi (புத்தி). This will analyse the current and immediate future trends based on the position of moon in the natal chart, your current age and the future planetary positions.

For this we need the exact time of birth and place of birth. Your horoscope is analysed under the following Headings, based on the position of the planets (கிரகம்)in the 12 constellations, called as Houses (வீடு)in Astrology. The 12 houses – counting the first house as the lagna (லக்னம்) or the ascendant – signify

  1. Self
  2. Wealth/Relatives/ Primary Education
  3. Siblings/Travel,
  4. Mother/Home/Vehicle/Land/Education
  5. Children
  6. Disease/Debt/Court Cases/Litigations/Enemies
  7. Friends/Love/Partnership/Marriage
  8. Death
  9. Father/Guru/Boss/Spirituality/Religion/Higher Education
  10. Work/Career/Business
  11. Income
  12. Going abroad/Loss.

The report also analyses the following factors:

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  • Health
  • Which part of body is likely to malfunction.
  • Psychiatric Problems
  • Marital Problems


Remedial Measures / Pariharams are suggested to strengthen friendly planets,  or the cosmic influences in your natal chart, and to weaken Malefic planets or Breethi.

Pariharams are designed to include grain, vahana or chariot and griha horai.

To the uninitiated, the navagraha’s navadhanyangal  (nine grains associated with nine planets), the cosmic influencer’s vahana and griha horai or auspicious time associated with the planet are all taken into consideration by Aditya Guruji, based on your natal chart, and a Pariharam that is unique to you as a person is designed by him.

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  •  Visiting and Praying at Holy temples (based on the planetary positions)
  • Reciting a few mantras
  • Offering of grain
  • Wearing gemstone associated with a planet.


Since each Jathakam or horoscope is unique the Pariharams too must be designed specifically for an individual.

Guruji firmly believes that Vedic Astrology in Tamil is put together by deeply devout and the blessed Siddhars who shared these divine secrets of how Grahas influence the auras of human bodies, in cryptic and allegorical forms.

Interpreting these requires intense study, deep-rooted dedication and a profound urge to serve the community members to live more meaningful and purposeful lives.  Not everyone is cut out for this profession, and it cannot be treated as a science that can be learnt over a few diplomas. He firmly condemns software generated reports and generic assessments by peer astrologers as ones that lack depth and hence not beneficial in any way to the recipient.

Detailed Predictions with Pariharams from Aditya Guruji is an eye-opener for you and your life.  

Note : Information submitted by you is private and secure. The information collected from you is confidential and solely for the purpose of computing your birth chart and for making astrological horoscope predictions. Your personal profile will not be sold or shared with any third party.



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  1. I am interested in getting a detailed prediction with pariahrams. Is it possible to book an appointment with you for Feb 23 or 24th? Also can you please give me your phone number where I can reach you. Please also let me know the charge for the above.

    Thank you

  2. I am interested in getting a detailed prediction with pariahrams for my son, please send me detail how to contact your to give my son horoscope info.

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