Year Long Consultation



Register for Year Long Consultation will ensure that we stay constantly in touch through e-mail and phone.

The Package includes:

  • 12 phone consultations in a year
  • 6 reports covering your (plus any 2 members of your family’s) career and financial status
  • 365 day e-mail reports on the most auspicious time of the day, for you.
  • Monthly forecasts on do’s and don’ts for you and your families
  • Monthly pariharam/remedy reports for you and your family.


  • Add all your family horoscopes in one account . (Unlimited)
  • No need to enter data every time you want to see your Horoscope.
  • Your data will be stored permanently on our servers
  • Periodic notifications of products and services
  • Discounts and promo coupons (where applicable)

Note : Information submitted by you is private and secure. The information collected from you is confidential and solely for the purpose of computing your birth chart and for making astrological horoscope predictions. Your personal profile will not be sold or shared with any third party.


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4 Comments on Year Long Consultation

  1. Sir, I would like to see jathagam for my son and daughter, If I send it the details of them in email, can it possible to predict and send through email. Also, how much I have to pay for that, kindly enlighten me and in which site I could learn all the details. Thanking you,

  2. I would like to buy / register aginst our family horoscopes for “Year Long Consultation” — for entire family ( as above mentioned “■Add all your family horoscopes in one account . (Unlimited)” )

    What is the total amount ?
    Mode of Payment ?
    How long prediction result will take ?
    Did you give printed format of palan or PDF format ?

    Balaji S
    Salem – TN
    9344739965 / 9791115635

  3. Sir,i would like to see jathagam for me..If i send my jathagam details by mail will u kindly predict it and say for me sir.And i would like to know the fees and the mode of payment for it..kindly reply me sir

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