Online Appointments With Aditya Guruji

People have asked me if I am being too far-fetched, in offering online appointments. I don’t think so.

Their questions crop out of ignorance, and certainly it’s a wise doubt that requires some demystifying.

So, lets begin with the benefits:

  • My clients can sit in the comfort of their homes and chat with me. Familiar surroundings always help a person wanting to open up.
  • I can reach out to people in different locations, and extend my understanding of Vedic Astrology
  • Clients can realize that astrology is not some esoteric subject, but a very analytic and intense area of math, than can help them make more meaningful choices with their free will.

So, let’s understand what an online appointment involves:

What is a Virtual Appointment?

Aditya Guruji is pleased to offer Vedic astrology consulting sessions via non-traditional methods via telephone, video, and e-mail. If you are interested in a virtual appointment program, please contact us at  The virtual appointment program ranges from e-mail packages where you purchase your desired number of correspondences with Aditya Guruji, 30 minute phone or video appointments, and even personal sessions at his office.

Is a Virtual Appointment right for me?

Yes, they are – Most of my clients chat on phone or on e-mail and get their predictions and consulting sessions online.

Do I have to contend with confidentiality issues?

Not at all. I deal with hundreds of clients and your data confidentiality is assured from my end. If you want to talk something very private, I recommend you to make sure that you have a private location to hold a video appointment and to schedule an appointment when you will be undisturbed.

Do I have the right technology?

For phone appointments, any telephone line is acceptable, however it is my duty to inform you that traditional, wired landlines are always more secure.

For e-mail appointments, I recommend having your own e-mail account with secure password which is changed regularly. It is up to you as the client whether this is an acceptable risk.

For long-distance Voice Over Internet appointments or video appointments, I recommend a computer, iPad, iTouch, or other device that was made within the last 5 years and has Skype capability. Technology changes quickly and older devices sometimes can’t accommodate the technology for video appointments. I also recommend an internet speed of 2 mb/s or higher in order to ensure high quality streaming video, however I am willing to attempt video appointments as long as you have reliable internet access. Also, please understand that there are sometimes connection interruptions and video delays when using Skype.

Do I have a safe, confidential space?

Many of the things people need to talk about in counseling are very private. We recommend making sure you have a private location to hold a video appointment and scheduling your appointment when you will be undisturbed. If you are concerned someone will overhear or interrupt your appointment, then virtual appointments may not be right for you.

Should I ask for a specific service, or do you suggest depending on my birth chart? 

You can check out our various Service offerings and choose all those that fit your needs. But, if you want your birth chart to be evaluated for the first time, then email your details and I’ll keep the chart ready, which will be used for our discussion during the appointment. You only pay for the virtual appointment. You do not get any reports here, but you can record the conversation at your end. My office will follow-up with you to address your subsequent requests.

Be informed about the risks of virtual appointments

While Aditya Guruji will do everything to ensure your confidentiality during a virtual appointment. Aditya Guruji will always provide your virtual appointment on a secured internet connection in a private location, however Skype is not routed through a HIPAA secured server. Also, Aditya Guruji cannot control other people on your end who may interrupt your appointment. Be aware that Aditya Guruji also cannot control technical difficulties which may interfere with your appointment. If you pay for a virtual appointment which is cancelled or unable to be at least 75% completed due to technological difficulties, Aditya Guruji will gladly reschedule your appointment at a time that is mutually convenient.


Aditya Guruji’s website is for informational and research purposes only. This website IS NOT monitored or staffed to receive crisis messages. If you are already a client of Aditya Guruji’s services and have an urgent concern, please contact Aditya Guruji directly via phone. No emergencies or therapeutic issues will be handled online. This is to protect your confidentiality and ensure your safety. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Sir i would like you to predict my daughter’s chart. I live in Australia. I want this done on skype re her job prospects and marriage. Please let me know the fees and procedure.

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